PLAT en houx, filet & décor bois exotique


Tournage d'art miniature échelle 1/12ème

Hauteur totale  =   9.60 mm
Diamètre maxi  = 29.96 mm



Wood is a natural and therefore living material that works continuously according to variations in temperature and humidity.

All the turned objects that we propose to you are turned by us, by hand, without any assistance with numerical control or any program.

These pieces are unique.

Our turning tools are, for the most part, manufactured by us because there are currently not enough accurate ones in traditional trade.

Some models may look similar but we do not use automatic copying.

All our creations are made according to the inspiration of the moment and/ or according to the availabilities of the different wood species.

With respect to segmented turning, we want to make it clear that this is a particularly long job.
Indeed, the initial assembly phase of the different wood species, cuts and preparations before turning requires rigor and precision.


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