I have always been enthusiast in drawing, tinkering, modifying and creating scale model items.
My diversified career path enabled me to comprehend various disciplines
such as automobile mechanics, stone-cutting and the restoration
of the cultural heritage, tiling and laying old materials as well as woodworking
(skeleton, covering), and many others, whose the enumeration
would be too long and tedious.

When I met my wife I discovered
a universe I did not know yet :


In the early 1990's, the first exhibitions in the Castle of VENDEUVRE (Calvados), ant the meeting
with artists who were masters in their chosen fields, let us realize
that we were just novices in this discipline.
And at that time we have been impressed by the realism of these delightful
reproductions of objects in miniature.
The rigour and the precision of their realizations undoubtedly urged to us
to improve our techniques to reach a satisfactory realism.
Even today, we continue to question ourselves,
in order to progress again and again.

Presents on the market of the miniature of 1/12th creation for 30 years,
our faithful clientele (as French as international) appreciates
the quality of our production.
From now on, we propose you this NEW SITE which enables you to explore
our range, being a vast choice of more than 600 REFERENCES.

Aware of the environmental protection and the conservation of ou beautiful planet,
our raw materials are made using natural products such as
gypsum, natural soils, wood, slate and stone.

We create ourselves the great majority of the products we sell.

We can also study and make to measure your dollhouse.
Don't hesitate to contact us !